4 Reasons You Have Cockroaches In Your Home

Cockroaches are a nuisance in any home. They contaminate food and eating places, putting you and your family's health at risk. They are also hard to spot as they only venture out when it's dark. On top of that, they are very stealthy, ducking away from sight and finding all manner of places to hide in upon discovery. Knowing what is attracting cockroaches into your home is your best bet of keeping them out.

If you have discovered you have cockroaches in your home, you must be responsible of at least one of the following factors. See what they are and what you can do about it to stop the roach invasion:

You have food waste left out in the open

The biggest pull for cockroaches is an easy meal. If you have exposed food waste in your home, you are creating an easy feast for these bugs. Cockroaches will get into your home if you have garbage left uncovered, food leftovers around the house, food debris on the floors or flat surfaces and even dirty utensils left lying around or on the sink.

To turn things around, keep your home extremely clean; wipe all surfaces, put out the garbage every evening and wash dishes before going to bed. If there's no food waste left around, roaches will not find your home an attractive place to live in.

You leave your food supplies unsealed

Cockroaches are also known to 'invade' food supplies left open. They will get into cereal boxes and packets of rice, fruits, flour or grains. Therefore, in addition to keeping your home clean, you should also cut off any food supplies to roaches by sealing them shut after use. If you can, put away most of your food stock in the refrigerator or sealed plastic boxes.

You have cracks and crevices in wall and furniture

Despite all the food bait you may be leaving around for cockroaches inside to your home, these pests can only get in if there's a clear route for them to do so. Cockroaches use open vents, cracks or crevices to make their way into your home. Even the smallest cracks on your walls can allow small roaches to get in and re-populate. To void this, install mesh on your vents, and have any cracks or gaps along your roof or walls sealed.

You have undisturbed storage material or furniture in your home

During the day, cockroaches like to lay low, tucked away in undisturbed places. Storage areas or pieces of furniture that are never moved make great places for such retreats. The backs of fixed furniture and appliances are also great hiding places for roaches. The best solution for such hard-to-reach areas is application of pest insecticide and baits. These will poison the cockroaches for a long time to come without you having to turn your home upside down in an effort to rouse them out.

Remember you may have a larger cockroach population living in your home without even realizing it. If you spot just one roach, you most likely have many others around. To learn more, or if you have other questions, contact a company like All Seasons Carpet Cleaning & Pest Management.